Atmosphere is for you when you need:


To Test without code

Atmosphere doesn't need the tested application code. Just get the installation file.


Simulate all gestures you can imagine. Up to sixteen(yes, 16) fingers available.

Calls and Messages

What happens with your app when someone calls or texts? Find out…

Battery and Internet

What happens when the battery dies or the connection is bad?

To Interact with other apps

Your app shares data to/from another app? No problemo, test with Atmosphere

To Simulate Sensors

Your app counts on the sensors? Test when their readings are bad.

To Simulate location

Go to Antarctica in just few lines of code!

To run on multiple devices simultaneously

You can select dynamically on how many and which devices to run

Easy Integration

Familiar with TestNG or Selenium? Atmosphere is easy to integrate with them.

What is Atmoshpere?

Atmosphere is simply a black-box testing framework for native android applications.

Not sure what black box is? It means you do not need the code of the application being tested, only the installation file coming from the market.

You can configure which tests are going to be executed on which device. You can even specify tests to be run on multiple different, in parameters devices, simultaneously.

Want some more? See some Gotham gestures

We expect Batman to contact us for automating his light signal so we prepared a little demo for him. Everything you see is done with code using two touch points(fingers). You can do gestures with up to sixteen(Yes - 16) fingers.

We are looking for contributors

The atmosphere team is hugely productive, but we need as much help as possible in order to support the widest range of devices. If you feel you can showcase your skills and help the Framework grow beyond please check out our backlog and/or create your own issues.

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