Atmosphere Hackathon Winter 2017 Rules


Hey there competitors! Here are the official rules to our Winter 2017 Hackathon.


The duration of the hackathon will be 12 hours. The exact astronomical 12 hours will be made known at a later point as we might need to suit multiple timezones at once.


The target of the hackathon is automating via Atmosphere bugs in Android apps with at least 10 million downloads from google play store. There is a bonus point for this list of apps. See scoring below.


The competitors must form a team of up to 3 people. The registration form can be found here.


The scoring of the bugs will be as follows:

  • Submitted Atmosphere Automation Test Code – 50 points
  • Submitted Atmosphere Screen Recording of the Running Test Code – 30 points
  • The test is successfully being executed remotely on the provided remote infrastructure(see more about the remote infrastructure below) – 20 points
  • Te application crashes because of the test scenario – 20 points
  • The bug is in one of the bonus apps – 20 points

So the maximum points of the submitted bugs are 140 points.

In the end of the hackathon, the team with the most points will win the hackathon.

No points will be rewarded for bugs that have been submitted by other teams too. The first team that has submitted the bug will be awarded the points.

There will be available judge/mentor panel to help you figure out if certain behavior is a bug or not.


As the hackathon will be public and available worldwide we encourage to setup your own local atmosphere setups. Here how it is done.


Mentorship will be provided via dedicated Slack community that you will be invited to at the day of the hackathon.