How do you test a Skiing application?


Good day, Automators

We’ve recently been in a tight spot and we can’t wait to tell you about it! A team of ours was asked to test a certain skiing app. The purpose of the app is to collect badges as you ski. Sounds great, right?



A few little problems

Starting our task, it sounded fun, but the things quickly turned for the worst. For example, we are in an urban area, how do you test skiing in the city?

Here is what happened:

Approach #1: One of our teammates drove around the city trying to collect badges. The speed is important, though. You shouldn’t drive too fast nor too slow. The junctions and traffic lights don’t help either.

Result: Bad. Too much time spent outside of the office…

Approach #2: Airplane landing is kind of similar to fast skiing downhill. One of our colleagues tested it during landing. It kind of worked.

Result: Bad. Phone on the plane is a safety violation. And it is kind of expensive too…

Approach #3: Going fast down the stairs. It simulates slow skiing downhill.

Result: Bad. Safety of the team was in huge health jeopardy!



Atmosphere to the rescue!

Luckily Atmosphere is now around to help. Simulating accelerometer and location data is now as easy as it gets. It took us just a few days of work to simulate the skiing process and test it in a various cases and conditions, without even leaving the office. And the best part – we didn’t even need the source code of the app!


So next time you are “skiing” around in your testing – download Atmosphere and let the framework help you 🙂


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