How to choose your Mobile automation framework


You’ve decided to automate? Great! Now it is time to talk about choosing your automation framework. We are going to talk about Mobile automation frameworks, but the same line of thinking applies for web frameworks too. Here we go!



This is definitely the most important factor when choosing your automation framework. What do you need to support? iOS, Android, mobile web, hybrid? Make sure you choose the one that fits your needs exactly. Here is an example comparison:


Atmosphere Appium Perfecto
Android Yes Yes Yes
iOS No Yes Yes
Mobile Web Yes Yes Yes
Hybrid Yes Yes Yes



Inevitably you will run into trouble and problems. How fast your problems will be resolved is what matters the most. Check the type of support for your framework has – community-based or free/paid support of the tool. This will be crucial on how fast your issues are resolved.


Atmosphere Appium Perfecto
Support Commuity Community  Paid support 


Next thing to consider is the functionalities your app has and needs to support and other requirements towards the framework(integration with other test tools etc.).


Atmosphere Appium Perfecto

Device Sensor Simulation

Yes Yes Limited

Internet connection simulation

Custamizable Limited Limited

Settings Confguration

Yes Limited Limited

Phone Calls/SMS simulation

Yes No Yes

Integration with Test Management Tool


Customizable Full

Multiple Target Devices Execution

Yes Customizable  Yes 

Video Recording / ScreenShots

Yes Custamizable  Yes 


Last but not least – are you willing to pay for the advantages of your chosen framework. Some products are open-source community developed, others are proprietary and paid. Choose wisely as it can impact your budget. Here is an example:


Atmosphere Appium Perfecto
Price Freeware Freeware  Paid 


So, there you have it

Here is one simple comparison between three frameworks. Make sure you evaluate closely the alternatives and take into account both the pros and the cons of your choice. Happy, automating!

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