Interact with your apps remotely using Atmosphere Viewer


Great News!

Hey there test engineers, we have great news!

For a long time now, we’ve been working on giving you a way to interact with devices that are not located near you – and we finally succeeded! We present you with the new and improved Atmosphere Viewer. You can clone it from here!

What is Atmosphere Viewer?

Atmosphere Viewer is an extension of the popular UIAutomatorViewer. It works with Atmosphere and has an additional mode – the interaction mode. When you toggle it, it transfers all your clicks as taps on the actual device.


Why is this important?

As more and more of our work is becoming remote, it is only natural to assume that we are likely to soon be fully separated from our physical testing devices. Tackling this problem we’ve decided that Atmosphere needs to give you a way to manually interact with these distant devices.

Want to learn more about Atmosphere Viewer?

See it used in one of our sample tutorials here:

Next Steps

Check the new Atmosphere Viewer and impress your colleagues with remote interactions and automation using Atmosphere!


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